The Role of Cultural Tourism

In the 21c the tourism in the global market creates an organic and interdependent system in which the supply and demand side experiences significant change both in time and space and also from the perspective of the quantity and quality aspect or components. Newer and newer regions and tourism product will be involved in the international and domestic tourism trend as well and in ever growing competition only such tourism destination of tourism actor can survive which or who can provide an ever growing quality.

According to the recant changes of tourism trends it is obvious that the visitors are more strongly involved in cultural activities than earlier. Some parts of cultural tourism are composed of both the positive and negative effect.

positive effects are -the development of the regional culture ,protection of the natural habitat ,the accentuation of tourism regions ,strengthening of the local tradition and culture ,less seasonal can extend the tourism season and can be an important form of sustainable tourism.

the negative effects – cultural became commercialised ,destruction of the the environment, investment in tourism that act against the state environment, carrying capacity problems, conflict source and cultural tourism has only a dependent role (need for package

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