Obstacles on Earning Potential of Tourism

The economic significance of tourism entails the mobilization of sufficient income phrupes the most obvious opportunity for local to benefit from tourism is employment and income.

By providing community based tourism it is possible to increase the earning potential of a country. There are a lot of obstacles that can be taken as toxic for earning potential of tourism some of are :-

– the quality of leadership

– political stability of the country it also play a great role in increasing the tourism if the political stability is very good.

– the infrastructure condition

– the democratic nature of a country and also there are a lot of condition that affect the earning potential of tourism in one country .

If we compare the developed country with developing it is clear to the the difference between the earning potential the developed country like US ,China and France those country gain enormous amount of income from tourism industry unlike those country like Ethiopia do not gain a lot of income but ethiopa have a lot of tourist site.

Therefore in order to increase the earning potential of one country in tourism they must work in chain from higher official to lower officials in order gain more from tourism.

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